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Daniel De Togni Turn for Violin and Piano

Linda Hsu, violin, and Kazuo Murakami, piano, at Snow Fine Arts Recital Hall, University of Central Arkansas, Conway, AR. October 13, 2021.

Schoenberg -Drei Klavierstücke, Op. 11

Drei Klavierstücke ("Three Piano Pieces"), Op. 11 by Arnold Schoenberg

Kazuo Murakami, Piano

  1. Mässig (at a moderate speed)

  2. Sehr langsam (very slowly)

  3. Bewegt (with motion)

Eric Ewazen Sonata for Euphonium and Piano

Gail Robertson, Euphonium Kazuo Murakami, Piano "Faculty Chamber Recital" at the Recital Hall University of Central Arkansas on February 8, 2022

Debussy Préludes,
Livre 2 ...«Les fées sont d'exquises danseuses»

Kazuo Murakami, Piano July 1, 2022

Michio Kitazume 3 Portrait for Euphonium and Piano

Gail Robertson, Euphonium Kazuo Murakami, Piano on March 28,2022 at the Recital Hall, Snow Fine Arts Center, University of Central Arkansas

Garden of Light by Daniel De Togni

February 4th, 2018

at First Methodist Church, Conway, Arkansas

Cloud Atlas No.3

Toshi Ichiyanagi Cloud Atlas No.3
Kazuo Murakami, Piano

Schoenberg Fünf Klavierstücke, Op.23

​​シェーンベルク 5つのピアノ曲 Op.23

Schoenberg Fünf Klavierstücke, Op.23

  1. Sehr langsam

  2. Sehr rasch

  3. Langsam

  4. Schwungvoll

  5. Walzer

Kazuo Murakami, Piano​

Schubert Piano Sonata in C minor Dr. 958

​​シューベルト ピアノソナタハ短調 D. 958

Schubert Piano Sonata in c minor, D.958

  1. Allegro (C minor)

  2. Adagio (A♭ major)

  3. Menuetto. Allegro — Trio (C minor)

  4. Allegro (C minor)

Kazuo Murakami, Piano

Henri Dutilleux Piano Sonata


デュティユー ピアノソナタ

Dutilleux Piano Sonata (1947–1948) 

  1. Allegro con moto

  2. Lied

  3. Choral et variations

Kazuo Murakami, Piano



Stellar Saxes

Nobuya Sugawa/ Kenneth Tse

Paganini Lost by Jun Nagao

Oriental for 2 saxophones and Piano by Masanori Katoh

Lovers on the Cekestial Sphere, for 2 saxophones( Soprano& Tenor) and Piano by Jun Nagao

Nobuya Sugawa

Kenneth Tse, Saxophones

Kazuo Murakami, Piano

Crystal Records-CD359

Into the Future


Piccolos and Plungers by John Berners
Tamara Thweatt, flutes, Andrew Brobston, saxophone, Brian Umlah, trumpet, Sean Truelove, trombone, Kazuo Murakami, piano, Ginny Armstrong, percussion, Christopher Sande, percussion

The Waves Roll On, Thundering and Shimmering by Joseph Dangerfield
Megan Luljak, flute, Stuart Breczinski, oboe, Tom Yu, clarinet, Michele Bowen, bassoon, Matt Hellenbrand, horn, Brian Umlah, trumpet, Andrew Knapp, trombone, Sean Truelove, bass trombone, Ginny Armstrong, Christopher Sande, percussion, Kazuo Murakami, piano, Armine Chamasyan, Gabrielle Harvie, violin, Julia Immel, viola, Ursula Dial, cello, Alec Mariani double bass

Albany Records-TROY956



Point of No Return by Michael Eckert
Allen Cross, violin, Ken Ishii, cello, Tamara Thweatt, flute, Yasmin Flores, clarinet, Kazuo Murakami, piano, Ginny Armstrong, percussion, David Gompper, conductor

Kuta Muela by David Gompper
Tamara Thweatt, flute, Jeffrey Lyman, bassoon, Kazuo Murakami, piano, Michael Geary, percussion, David Gompper, conductor

An Elm We Lost by David Gompper
Timothy Salter, tenor, John Muriello, baritone, University of Iowa Chorus & Orchestra, David Gompper, conductor

Albany Records- TROY900

Connections- Justin Cook

Chamber Music for Trombone

Florida Concert by Fridgyes Hidas

Justin Cook, Trombone

Jason Hausback, Trombone

Kazuo Murakami, Piano

Concerto for Three Trombones by Derek Bourgeois

Justin Cook · Tony Baker · Jason Hausback, Trombones

Kazuo Murakami, Piano

This project includes Wright’s poetry and visual art, as well as music composed by Daniel De Togni and performed by Lorraine Duso Kitts and Kazuo Murakami on piano.


Ripley by Terry Wright

Visual art accompanying Iterations: 4 Pieces for Narrator, Oboe and Piano by Daniel De Togni

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