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Collaborative Piano Repertoire: 画像

Repertoire List of Chamber Music and Collaborative Piano


​Chamber Music 

Bartók: Sonata for 2 Pianos and percussion. Sz.110
Bartók: Contrasts. Sz. 111
Beethoven: Quintet for Winds and Piano in E flat major Op.16
Beethoven: Piano Trio No.1 in E flat major Op.1-1
Beethoven: Piano Trio No.2 in G major Op.1-2
Beethoven: Piano Trio No.4 in B flat major Op.11
Beethoven: Piano Trio No.5 in D major Op.70-1
Berg: Chamber Concerto for Piano, Violin and 13 instruments
Boris Blacher: Divertimento for trumpet, trombone, and piano(1947).
Brahms: Clarinet Trio in a minor Op.114
Brahms: Horn Trio in E flat major Op.40
Brahms: Piano Quartet No. 1 in g minor Op.25
Brahms: Piano Quartet No. 2 in A major Op.26
Brahms: Piano Trio No.1 in B major Op.8
Brahms: Piano Trio No.2 in C major Op.87
Copland: Piano Trio, Vitebsk - Study on a Jewish theme (1929).
Madeleine Dring: Trio for Flute, Oboe and Piano.
Eric Ewazen: Pastrale for trumpet, trombone, and piano.
Glinka: Trio Pathetique for bassoon, clarinet, and piano.
Haydn: Flute Trio in D major for Cello and Piano.
Theodore Lalliet: Terzetto for oboe, bassoon, and piano
Messiaen: Quartet “The end of time” (1940).
Mendelssohn: Piano Trio No.1 d minor Op.49
Mozart: Quintet for Piano and Winds in E flat major k.452
Mozart: Piano Quartet No.1 in g minor k.478
Mozart: Piano Quartet No.2 in E flat major k.493
Mozart: Trio in E-flat major, K.498
Muczynski: Fantasy Trio, Op.26(1969).
Poulenc: Sextet for Piano and Winds, FP.100 (1932).
Poulenc: Trio for piano, oboe and bassoon, FP.42 (1926).
Previn: Trio for piano, oboe, and bassoon (1994).
Ravel: Piano Trio (1914).
Ravel: Mother Goose for 4 hands piano and percussions arr. Peter Sadlo.
Ripper: Cenas Infantis for oboe, cello, and piano.
Rush: Rebellion for trombone, piano and percussion.
Saint-Saëns: Caprice on Danish and Russian Airs, Op.79 (1887)
Florent Schmitt: Sonatine en Trio, Op.85
Paul Schoenfield: Café Music (1986).
Schubert: Piano Quintet in A major D.667
Schubert: Piano Trio No.1 in B flat major D.898
Schubert: Piano Trio No.2  in E flat major D.929
Schumann: Piano Quartet in E flat major Op.47
Schumann: Piano Quintet in E flat major Op.44
Schumann: Piano Trio No.1 in d minor Op.63
Shostakovich: Walz No.3 from The Return of Maxim, Op45


Bach: Concerto No.1 in a minor BWV.1041
Bach: Concerto No.2 in E major BWV.1042
Bartók: Rhapsody No.1
Bartók: Sonata No.1 Sz.95
Bartók: Sonata No.2 Sz.96
Bartók: Concerto No.2 Sz.112
Beethoven: Sonata No.1 in D major Op.12-1
Beethoven: Sonata.No.2 in A major Op.12-2
Beethoven: Sonata No.3 in E flat major Op.12-3
Beethoven: Sonata No.5 in F major Op.24
Beethoven: Sonata No.7 in c minor Op.30-2
Beethoven: Sonata No.8 in G major Op.30-3
Beethoven: Sonata No.9 in A major Op.47
Beethoven: Sonata No.10 in G major Op.96
Beethoven: Concerto in D major Op.61
Brahms: Sonata No.1 in G major Op.78
Brahms: Sonata No.2 in A major Op.100
Brahms: Sonata No.3 in d minor Op.108
Brahms: Concerto in D major Op.77
Bruch: Concerto No.1 in g minor Op.26
Bruch: Scottish Fantasy Op.46
Debussy: Sonata (1916-17).
Dvorak: Concerto in a minor Op.53
Dvorak; Sonatina. Op.100
Elgar: Concerto in b minor Op.61
Faure: Sonata No.1 in A major Op.16
Faure: Sonata No.2 in e minor Op.108
Franck: Sonata in A major(1886).
Grieg: Sonata No.1 in F major Op.8
Grieg: Sonata.No.2 in G major Op.13
Grieg: Sonata No.3 in c minor Op.45
Glazunov: Concerto in a minor Op.82
Khachaturian: Concerto in d minor (1937).
Mendelssohn: Concerto in e minor Op.64
Mozart: Concerto No.3 in G major k.216
Mozart: Concerto No.4 in D major k.218
Mozart: Concerto No.5 in A major k.219
Mozart: Sonata in G major k.301
Mozart: Sonata in C major k.303
Mozart: Sonata in e minor k.304
Mozart: Sonata in F major k.377
Spohr: Concerto in a minor Op.47
Poulenc: Sonata (1949).
Previn: Sonata “Vineyard” (1994).
Prokofiev: Sonata No.1 in f minor Op.80
Prokofiev: Sonata No.2 in D major Op.94
Prokofiev: Concerto No.1 in D major Op.19
Prokofiev: Concerto No.2 in g minor Op.63
Ravel: Sonata (1923-27).
Saint-Saens: Havanese, Op.83
Saint-Saens: Introduction et Rondo Capriccioso Op.28
Saint-Saens: Concerto No.3 in b minor Op.61
Saint-Saens: Sonata No. 1 in D minor, Op. 75
Sarasate: Fantasy on themes from Carmen Op.25
Schoenberg: Fantasy Op.47
Schubert: Sonatina No.1 in D major D.384
Schubert: Sonatina No.2 in a minor D.385
Schubert: Duo in A major D.574
Schubert: Rondo in b minor, D.895
Schumann: Fantasie Op.131
Schumann: Sonata No.1 in a minor Op.105
Schumann: Sonata no.2 in d minor Op.121
Shostakovich: Concerto No.1 in a minor Op.77
Sibelius: Concerto in d minor. Op47
Stravinsky: Divertimento (1932).
Stravinsky: Suite italienne(1932).
Tchaikovsky: Concerto in D major Op.35
Walton: Concerto (1939).
Wieniawski: Scherzo-Tarantelle, Op.16
Wieniawski: Concerto No.2 in d minor Op.22


Beethoven: Sonata No. 1 in g minor Op.5-2
Beethoven: Sonata No.3 in A major Op.69
Beethoven: Sonata No.4 in C major Op.102-1
Beethoven: Sonata No.5 in d minor, Op.102-2
Beethoven: 7 Variations on 'Bei Männern, welche Liebe fühlen', WoO 46
Bloch: From Jewish Life, B.54
Brahms: Sonata No.1 in e minor Op.38
Brahms: Sonata No.2 in F major Op.99
Cassado: Requiebros(1931).
Chopin: Sonata in g minor Op.65
Debussy: Sonata (1915).
Dvorak: Concerto in b minor Op.107
Elgar: Concerto in e minor Op.85
Franck: Sonata in A major
Grieg: Sonata in a minor Op.36
Mendelssohn: Sonata No.2 in E flat major Op.58
Part:Spiegel im Spiegel
Rachmaninoff: Sonata in g minor Op.19
Saint-Saëns: Allegro appassionato, in b minor, Op.43 (1875)
Saint-Saëns: Concerto No.1, in a minor, Op.33
Schubert: Sonata for Arpeggione in a minor, D.821.
Shostakovich: Concerto No.1 in E flat major, Op.107
Shostakovich: Sonata in d minor Op.40
Schumann: Adagio and Allegro Op.70
Schumann: Concerto in a minor Op.129
Tchaikovsky: Variation on the theme by Rococo, Op.33


Bartók: Concerto Sz.120(1945).     
Brahms: Sonata No.1 in f minor Op.120-1
Brahms: Sonata No.2 in E flat major Op.120-2
Carter: Elegy for Viola and Piano (1943).
Hindemith: Der Schwanendrehr(1935).
Walton: Concerto (1929).


Arnold: Concerto No.1 Op45 (1954).
Arnold: Sonata Op121 (1977).
Bach: Sonata in E flat major BWV.1031
Bach: Sonata in A major BWV.
Bach: Sonata in g minor BWV.
Bach: Trio Sonata in G major BWV. 1039
Bach.C.P.E: Hamburger Sonata
Barber: Canzone, Op.38a(1961).
Berkeley: Sonatina (1940).
Bloch: Suite Modale(1956).
Burton: Sonatina (1948).
Copland : Duo (1971).
Demersseman : Grande Fantasie on Oberon.
Doppler : Airs Valaques, Op.10.
Dutilleux : Sonatine (1942).
Feld : Sonata(1957).
Gaubert: Sonatine.
Gluck: Dance of the Bleesed Spirits
Hindemith : Sonata(1936).
Ibert : Concerto (1934).
Jolivet : Chant de linos (1944).
Liebermann Piccolo Concerto.
Frank Martin : Ballade (1939).
Messiaen : Le Merle Noir (1951).
Mike Mower : Sonata Latino (1994).
Mozart: Concerto in G major k.313.
Mozart: Concerto in D major k.314.
Mozart: Sonata in C major, k.14.
Muczynski : Sonata Op.14(1960-61).
Nielsen : Concerto, FS119(1926).
Poulenc : Sonata(1956-57).
Prokofiev: Sonata in D major Op.94b.
Reinecke: Concerto for Flute in D major, Op.283
Reinecke: Sonata” Undine” Op.167 (1882).
Sancan: Sonatine(1946).
Saint-Saëns: Odelette, in D major, Op.162 (1920).
Schubert: Introduction and Variation in e minor D. 802.
Germaine Tailleferre: Sonata No.2(1951).
Widor : Suite, Op34(1889).


Barber : Canzonetta, Op.48(1977-78).
Beethoven : Adelaide for oboe and Piano.
Bellini : Concerto in b minor (1823).
Bozza : Fantasie Pastorale, Op.37
Dutilleux : Sonata(1947)
Ewazen : Down a River of Time(1999).
Goossens : Pastorale et Arlequinade, Op.41
Haydn : Concerto in C major,Hob Ⅶg-C1.
Hindemith: Sonata (1938).
Kishio Hirao: Oboe Sonata (1951).
Kalliwoda: Morceau de Salon, Op.228
James Ledward: Concerto sopra Motivi dell'opera "La Favorita" di Donizett
Marcello: Concerto.
Mozart: Concerto in C major k.314
Mozart: Quartet in F major, K. 370, edition for Oboe and Piano.
Poulenc: Sonata, FP.185(1962).
Saint-Saëns: Sonata, in D major Op.166 (1921).
Vaughan Williams: Oboe Concerto (1944).
Yen Sheng Li:Ian Clarke – Sonatina.


Arnold: Sonatina, Op.29 (1951).
Arnold: Concerto No.2 Op115.
Babin: Hillandale Waltzes (1947).
Arthur Benjamin: Le Tombeau de Ravel (1949).
Alban Berg: 4 Pieces for Clarinet and Piano Op.5
Brahms: Sonata No.1 in f minor Op.120-1
Brahms: Sonata No.2 in E flat major Op.120-2
Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Sonata, Op.128
Copland: Concerto (1931).
Crusell: Concerto No.2, in f minor, Op.5
Crusell: Introduction, theme and variations on a Swedish air, Op.12
James M. David: E-Type Jag (1998).
Eric Ewazen: Ballade for Clarinet, (1987).
Lutoslawski: Danse Preludes (1956).
Paul Hindemith: Clarinet Sonata (1939).
Paul Hindemith: Clarinet Concerto (1947).
Horowitz: Sonatina, Op.100.
Trygve Madsen: Sonata, op. 23
Martinů:Sonatina (1956).
Scott McAllister: Black Dog(2001).
Scott McAllister: X Concerto (1996).
Mendelssohn: Concert Piece, No.2, in d minor Op.114
Messager:Solo de concours(1899).
Mozart: Concerto in A major k.622
Mihaud: Scaramouche, Op.165d (1939).
Mihaud: Sonatine, Op.100 (1927-28).
Mihaud: Duo Concertante, Op.351 (1956).
Ponchielli: Il Convegno, Op.76
Poulenc : Sonata FP.184(1962).
Henri Rabaud : Solo de Concours, Op.10.
Rossini : Introduction, Theme and Variations (1819).
Schumann : Fantasiestück Op.73
Spohr: Clarinet Concerto no. 1 in C minor, op. 26
Spohr : Clarinet Concerto No. 4 in e minor, WoO 20
Saint-Saëns : Sonata in F flat major, Op.167
Antoni Szalowski: Sonatina (1936).
Germaine Tailleferre : Arabesque(1973).
Tomasi : Concerto for Clarinet(1956).
Weber : Concertino in E flat major, Op.26
Weber : Concerto No.1, in f minor, Op.73
Weber: Concerto No.2, in E flat major Op.74
Weber: Grand Duo Concertant Op.48


Albright: Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano(1984).           
Pierre-Phillippe Bauzin: Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano (1951).
Bolcom: Lilith (1984).
Roger Boutry: Divertimento (1964).
David Canfield: Fisherman of the Fragrant Harbor (2007).
Paul Creston: Concerto (1941).
Paul Creston : Sonata, Op.19(1939).
Stephen Chatman : To The Garden the World(2006).
John Cheetham : Sonata(2001).
Ingolf Dahl, Concerto (1949/53).
Debussy : Rhapsody (1901-11).
Demersseman : Fantasie on the theme origina.
Decruck : Sonate (1943).
Edwin Dressel : Partita for Alto Saxophone (1965).
Edison Denisov : Sonata (1970).
Desenclos : Prelude, Cadence et Finale (1956).
Eychenne : Trio for Violin, Saxophone, and Piano.
Jindrich Feld : Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano (1989-90)
Pierre-Max Dubois : Concerto for Alto Saxophone (1956).
Paul Genin : Variations sur un theme Espagnol(1875).
Glazounov : Concerto in E flat major, Op.109.
Gotkovsly : Concerto (1966).
Gotkovsky : Brilliance (1974).
John Harbison : San Antonio Sonata (1995).
Husa : Elegie and Rondo (1960).
Ibert : Concertino da Camera (1935).
M. William Karlins :Music for tenor saxophone and piano (1972).
Lantier: Sicillienne(1943).
Larsen : Holy Roller (1997).
Masanori Katoh : Oriental : for soprano and alto saxophones and piano (2008).
David Maslanka : Sonata (1988).
Darius Milhaud: Scaramouche,Op.165c(1939).
Robert Muczynski : Sonata, Op.29(1970).
Paule Maurice: Tableaux de Provence (1954-59).
Jun Nagao: Lovers on the celestial sphere for soprano and tenor saxophones (2006).
Jun Nagao: Paganini lost : for two alto saxophones and piano (2008).
Alfred Reed : Ballade for Alto Saxophone (1955).
Claude T. Smith : Fantasia for alto saxophone (1983).
Piet Swerts : Klonos for Saxophone.
Henri Tomasi : Ballade (1938).
Henri Tomasi : Concerto (1949).
Charles Young : Sonata for soprano saxophone (1989).
Miriama Young : This Earthly Round(2014).
Yoshimatsu : Fuzzy Bird Sonata(1995).
Hector Villa-Lobos : Fantasia (1948).


Antheil: Sonata (1953).
Allan Blank: Mood of Imagination (2002).
Brownlow: Six Miniatures (1998).
Berners: Concerto (2004).
Bohme: Concerto for Trumpet Op.18
Clark: Bridge of the Waves.
Clark: Carnival of Venice.
Enesco: Legend (1906).
Ewazen: Sonata (1995).
Ewazen:… to cast a shadow again(a song cycle for voice, trumpet and piano)(1991)
Gregson: Concerto (1983).
Handel: “let the Bright Seraphim”.
Handel: Suite in D major.
Haydn: Concerto in D major Hob.VIIe-1(1796).
Hindemith: Sonata (1939).
Honegger: Intrada (1947).
Hummel: Concerto in E major (1803).
Jolivet: Concertino for trumpet, piano and strings (1948).
Melani:”all’Armi,Pensieri”: Cantata aVoce sola con una Tromba
Peaslee: Nightsongs
Karl Pilss: Sonata (1935).
Stevens: Sonata (1956).
Robert Suderberg : Chamber Music No.8(1988).
Henri Tomasi : Concerto (1948).
Tartini : Concerto in D major.
Grace Willaims : Concerto (1963).


Beethoven: Sonata Op.17
Chabrier: Larghetto(1875).
Danzi: Concerto in E flat major.
Damase: Berceuse, Op.19
Dukas: Villanelle (1906).
Randall Faust:3 American Folk Songs.
Francaix: Canon in Octave
Gliere: Nocturn Op.35-10
Gliere: Romance Op.35-6
Gliere: Valse Triste, op 35-7
Gliere: Concerto Op.61
Hindemith: Concerto (1949).
Hindemith: Sonata (1939).
Hindemith: Sonata for Alto Horn (1943).
Volker David Kirchner: Lamento d'Orfeo(1987).
Mozart: Concerto Rondo in D major k.514
Mozart: Concerto No.2 in E flat major k.417
Mozart: Concerto No.3 in E flat major k.447
Mozart: Concerto No.4 in E flat major k.495
Ryan Nowlin:Elegy for Horn and Piano.
Saigons: Questionings.
Saint-Saëns: Morceau de Concert in F major, Op.94
Stevens: Sonata (1953).
F. Strauss: Theme and Variations, Op.13
F. Strauss: Nocturne, Op.7
R. Strauss: Concerto No.1 in E flat major Op.11
R. Strauss: Concerto No.2 in E flat major.
Weber: Concertino in e minor, Op.45


Barat: Andante et Allegro.
Norman Bolter:  Sagittasrius 2.
Derek Bourgeois: Concerto, Op.114.
Boutry: Capriccio.
Bozza: Ballade.
Brahms: Four Serious Songs, Op.120
Jacques Castérède: Sonatine(1957).
Jules Semler-Collery: Barcarolle et Chanson Bachique.
B.Croce-Spinelli: Solo de Concours.
Creston : Fantasy, Op.42(1947).
David: Concertino, Op.4
Defaye: Deux Danses(1954).
Dutilleux : Chorale, Cadence et Fugato (1950).
Ewazen: Ballade for Bass Trombone (1996).
Ewazen: Sonata (1998).
Ewazen: Concerto for bass trombone (1996).
Filas: Sonata - At the End of the Century (1997).
Steven Frank: Variations on Barnacle Bill the Sailor (1993).
Gaubert : Morceau Symphonique (1912).
George : Concerto for Bass Trombone (1964).
David Gillingham: Sonata for Bass Trombone.
Goldstein: Colloquy for trombone (1967).
Grøndahl: Concerto (1924).
Handel: Concerto in f minor
Hindemith: Sonata (1941).
Gordon Jacob: Concerto.
Jan Koetsier: Falstaffiade for bass trombone and piano.
Alexander Lebedev: Concerto in One movement for Bass Trombone (1960).
Alexander Lebedev: Concerto No.2.
Martin: Ballade (1940).
Malotte: Lord’s Prayer.
Richard Monaco: Sonata No.1(1958).
Richard Monaco: Sonata No.2(1985).
Richard Peaslee:  Arrows of time (1993).
Pryor: Blue Bells of Scotland.
Pryor: Fantastic Polka.
Rimsky-Korsakov: Concerto in E flat major (1877).
Ropartz: Piece in e flat minor.
Rota: Concerto.
Saint-Saëns : Cavatine Op.144(1915).
Daniel Schnyder : Sonata for bass Trombone and Piano.
Kazimierz Serocki: Sonatina (1954).
Robert Spollman: Two songs for bass trombone and piano (1963).
Stojowski: Fantasy, Op.38
John Stevens: Sonata (1965).
Sulek: Sonata Vox Gabrieli (1973).
Tomasi: Concerto (1956).
Wagenseil: Concerto for Alto Trombone.
Weber : Romance.
David Wells : Sonata.
Alec Wilder : Sonata for Bass Trombone (1971).


J. Éd. Barat: Morceau de concours.
Charles L. Booker: Suite for euphonium and piano.
Charles Lee Booker: Valtzz!
Vladimir Cosma: Concertos for euphonium.
Eric Ewazen: Songs of the Sun (Concerto No. 3).
Allen Feinstein: Concerto for euphonium.
David R. Gillingham: Vintage (1991).
Donald Grantham: Baron Piquant’s pas de deux.
Peter Graham: Turbulence, tide and torque.
Frigyes Hidas: Euphoniada for Euphonium and Piano.
J. Scott Irvine: Concertino for euphonium and band.
Yasuhide Ito: A Carnival Day for euphonium, Saxophone and piano.
James Niblock: Concertino for Leonard Falcone (1988)
J. G. Pennequin: Morceau de concert.
Amilcare Ponchielli: Concerto in F major, op. 123
Aron Romhanyi : Parallels (2008)
Jirō. Senshuu: Walk in the woods for Euphonium and Piano
Philip Sparke: Concertos for euphonium, no. 1.
Rolf Wilhelm: Concertino for euphonium.


Albinoni: Concerto in d minor, Op.2, No2
Arutiunian: Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra (1992
Arban: The Carnival of Venice
Arban: Variations on a Tyrolean Folksong.
Charles Booker: Concertino for tuba.
Kent Philip Baker: Sonata in e minor for Tuba and Piano.
Bozza: Concertino.
Bach: Sonata No.2 BWV 1031 ( arr. Cooley)
Craven: Three Movements for Tuba and Piano( 2014).
Micheal Daugherty: Reflections on the Mississippi(2013)
Galliard: Sonata No.1.
Goedicke: Concerto Etude Op.49
Hindemith: Sonata(1955).
Ionel: Rumanian Dance no. 2 (1946)
John Lennon: Blackbird
Mahler: Lieder Eines Fahrenden Gesellen (1897)
Paganini: Moses Variations: Introduction and Variations on a theme by Rossini arr. Philip Sinder,
Plog: Three Miniatures (1990)
Plog:  Tuba Sonata (2006-2007)
Sparke: Song for Ina.
Sparke: Tuba Concerto (2006)).
Chris Steam:Real and Unreal.
Yagisawa:  Love Song (2006)
Vaughan Williams: Concerto(1954).
Rolf Wilhelm: Concertino for Tuba


Paul Creston: Concertino for Marimba,Op.21(1940)
Eric Ewazen: Concerto for marimba (1999).
Toshi Ichiyanagi: Paganini Personal for marimba and piano (1982)

Vocal Music

Bach: Schlafe, mein Liebester, from Weihnachts Oratorium.

Bach:Ich folge dir gleichfalls, from Passio Secundum Joannem.

Barber: 4 Songs Op.13- No.1 A Nun Takes The Veil.

Barber: 3 Songs Op.45- No.1, Now Have I Fed and Eaten up the Rose

Barber: 3 songs Op.45- No.2, A Green Lowland of Pianos.

Barber: 3 Songs Op.45- No.3, Boundless, Boundless Evening.

Bernstein: “Glitter And Be Gay” from Candido

Borodin: “And this is my beloved” from Kismet.

Bowles: Heavenly Grass.

Brahms: Sechs Gesange Op.7

Brahms: 8 Lieder und Romanzen Op.14

Brahms:Lieder und Gesange,Op59 No.8, Dein blaues auge.

Brahms: 6 Lieder fur eine tiefere Stimme Op.86, No.2 Feldeinsamkeit.

Brahms: 5 Lieder fur eine tiefere Stimme Op.105,

No.1 Wie Melodie zieht es mir.

Brahms: Funf Lieder Op.106, No.1, Standchen

Brahms: Vier ernste Gesänge, Op.121

Britten: “Give Him This Orchid” from the Rape of Lucretia.

J.Canteloube:Chants D’Auvergne, No.1 Lo Fiolaire.

J.Canteloube:Chants D’Auvergne, No.6 Lou Coucut.

Chabrier: 6 melodies, No.1, Villanelle des petits canards (1889).

Charles: My Lady Walks in Loveliness.

Chausson: Serenade italienne, Op.2-5(1880)

Ciampi: Quella Barbara Catena.

D”Indy: Madrigal (1872).

Debussy: Noel des enfants qui n’ont plus de maisons(1915).

Debussy: 2 Romances (1891) No.2, les cloches.

Debussy: Romance (1883).

Donaudy: Come lanodoletta

Donizetti: So anch”io la Virtu magica from Don Pasquale.

Durante: Danza, danza, fanciulla gentile/Solfeggio.

Franz: Requesrt, Op.9-3.

Franz:Er ist gekommen,Op.4-7.

Gounod: The King of Love My Sheoherd Is.

Grieg: Solveig's Song from Peer Gynt, Op.55-4

Faith: Hymn of Priase.

Falconieri:Bella porta di rubini.

Falla: Rima’dios mio, que solos se quedan los muertos!, G.19

Faure: 3 Melodies, Op.5 No.2, Reve d’Amour(1865)

Faure: 3 Melodies, Op.5 No.1, Chanson d’amour (1871)

Faure: 3 Melodies, Op.18 No.3 Automne.

Faure: Poeme d’unjour, Op.21 No.2, Toujours.

Faure: 3 Melodies, Op.39-1, Aurore(1884).

Faure: 3 Melodies, Op.39-2, Fleur jetee(1884).

Faure: En prière(1890).

Faure: Cinq melodies de Venise Op.58-1, Mandoline (1891)

FInzi: Earth and Air and Rain, Op.15 -No.1 When I set out for Lyonnesse.

Finzi: Earth and Air and rain, Op.15-No.4, Rollicum-rorum.

Finzi: Earth and Air and rain, Op.15-No.6, The Clock of the Year.

Finzi: Earth and Air and rain, Op.15-No.8 Proud Songsters.

Finzi:Let us garlands bring, Op.18-No.3 Fear No More the Heat O’the sun.

Handel: “Total eclipse” from Samson.

Handel: Oh! Had I Jubal’s lyre from Joshua.

Hahn:  A Chloris.

Hoiby: The Lamb.

Holiby: 3 Ages of Woman.

Ives: Two Little Flowers


Leoni: Tally-Ho

Massenet: Va! Laisse couler mes larmes,Aria from “Werther”.

Martini: Plaisir d’amour.

McKay: Introduction.

McKay: Woman Called Hannah.

McKay: Lady of Kent.

Mendelssohn: Neue Liebe Op.19a.

Milhaud: 4 Chansons de Ronsard Op.223(1941)

Menotti: Canti Della Lontananza, No.1,Gli Amanti Impossibili.

Menotti: Canti Della Lontananza, No.6, La Lettera.

Mozart: “Deh vieni, non tardar” from le Nozze di Figaro.

Mozart: “Donne mie, la fate a tanti” from Cosi Fan Tutte.

Mozart:Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja from Die ZauberflÖte.

Mozart: Hai gia vinta la Cause!..vedrò mentr’io sospiro from Le Nozze di Figaro.

Obradors: Al amor

Obradors: El Vito

Obradors: Chiquitita la novia.

Offenbach: Elle a fui, la tourterelle!, Aria from “Les Contes d’Hoffmann”.

Parry: Love is a Bable.

Puccini: Donde Lieta from La Bohme.

Purcell: “”from the Indian Queen.

Poulenc: Air chantes, FP.46 (1927-28) No.1 Air romantique

Poulenc: Air chantes, FP.46 (1927-28) No.2 Air champêtre

Poulenc: Air chantes, FP.46 (1927-28) No.4 Air vif

Poulenc: La Grenouillere, FP.96 (1938/1939).

Poulenc: Deux Pomes de Louis Aragon, FP.122 (1943) No.1, C.

Poulenc: Le travail du peintre, FP.161(1956)No.1 Pablo Picasso.

Poulenc: Le travail du peintre, FP.161(1956)No.2  Marc Chagall

Poulenc: Le travail du peintre, FP.161(1956)No.3 Georges Braque

Poulenc: Le travail du peintre, FP.161(1956)No. 5 Paul Klee

Poulenc: Le travail du peintre, FP.161(1956)No. 6 Joan Miro

Qui lter; Go, Lovely Rose.

Quilter:Now Sleeps the crimson petal from 3 Songs, Op.3

Quilter: Damask Roses from Seven Elizabeth Songs, Op.12

Quilter: Weep you no more from Seven Elizabeth Songs, Op.12

Rodgers: “The Golden Ram” from Two by Two.

Rossini: Les soirees musicales, No.1, La Promessa

Rossini: Les soirees musicales, No.6, La Pastorella delle Alpi

Rossini: Les soirees musicales, No.4, L'orgia

Rossini: Les soirees musicales, No.5, L'invito

Rossini: Les soirees musicales, No.7, La Gita in Gondola

John Sacco: Brother Will, Brother John.

Schubert: Winterreise D.911, Op.89

Schubert: An die Musik D.547, Op.88-4

Schubert: Die Schone Mullerin D.795, Op.25

Schubert: Gretchen am Spinnrade D.118, Op.2

Schubert: Du bist die Ruh D.776.

Schumann: Myrthen Op.25

Schumann:Liederkreis Op.39- No.2, Intermezzo.

Schumann:LiederKreis Op.39, No.5, Mondnacht.

Schumann:LiederKreis Op.39, No.8, In der Fremde.

Schumann: Fünf Lieder Op.40

Schumann: Frauenliebe und Leben Op.42

Schumann: Dichterliebe Op.48

Schumann:Romazen und Balladen Op.49. No.1, Die beiden Grenadiere.

Schwartz:  Corner of The Sky.

Schenberg: Erwartung Op.2-1

Schenberg: Erhebung Op.2-3

Scarlatti: Gia il sole dal Gange.

Scarlatti: Sento nel core.

Severac: Les hiboux.

Strauss: 4 Lieder, Op.27- No.1 Ruhe, mine Seele!(1894).

Strauss: 4 Lieder, Op.27-No.4, Morgen(1883).

Strauss: Funf Lieder Op.39

Strauss: 3 Gesange Op.43

Strauss: Op.42- No.2, Ich schwebe.

Strauss:  Zueignung

Sullivan: “The Sun, Whose Rays Are all Ablaze” from The Mikado.

Sullivan: “If you give me your attention” from Princess Ida.

Tchaikovsky: Adieu, forets, Recitative and Aria from” Jeanne d’Arc”.

Tchaikovsky: Evgeni Oengin, act 1 Scene 9.

Vaughan Williams: The house of life –No.2, Silent Noon (1903).

Vaughan Williams: Songs of travel – No.1,Vagalord(1904).

Wolf: Spanisches Liederbuch, Gedichte von P. Heyse und E. Geibel

          No.14, Köpfchen, Köpfchen, nicht gewimmert.

          No.4, Die ihr schwebet umdiese Palmen.

          No.45, Verschling’ der Abgrund meines Liebsten Hütte.

          No.1 Auch kleine Dinge.

Wolf: Bescheidene Liebe(1876~77).

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