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Antheil: Sonata (1953).

Allan Blank: Mood of Imagination (2002).

Brownlow: Six Miniatures (1998).

Berners: Concerto (2004).

Bohme: Concerto for Trumpet Op.18

Clark: Bridge of the Waves.

Clark: Carnival of Venice.

Enesco : Legend(1906).

Ewazen: Sonata.

Ewazen:… to cast a shadow again(a song cycle for voice, trumpet and piano)(1991)

Gregson: Concerto(1983).

Handel: “let the Bright Seraphim”.

Handel: Suite in D major.

Haydn: Concerto in D major Hob.VIIe-1(1796).

Hindemith: Sonata (1939).

Honegger: Intrada(1947).

Hummel: Concerto in E major(1803).

 Ives: 3 Songs( The New River,The Housatonic at Stockbridge,At the River)

Jolivet: Concertino for trumpet, piano and strings (1948)..

Marcello: concerto.

Melani:”all’Armi,Pensieri”: Cantata aVoce sola con una Tromba

Peaslee: Nightsongs

Pilss: Sonata.

Stevens: Sonata (1956).

Suderberg : Chamber Music-8

Henri Tomasi : Concerto(1948).

Tartini : Concerto.

Grace Willaims : Concerto.


Beethoven: Sonata Op.17
Chabrier: Largetto(1875).
Danzi: Concerto in E flat major
Damase: Berceuse, Op.19
Dukas: Villanelle(1906).
Randall Faust:3 American Folk Songs.
Francaix: Canon in Octave
Gliere: Nocturn Op.35-10
Gliere: Romance
Gliere: Vlase triste
Gliere: Concerto Op.61
Hindemith: Concerto(1949).
Hindemith: Sonata (1939).
Hindemith: Sonata for Alto Horn (1943).
Volker David Kirchner: Lamento d'Orfeo(1987).
Mozart: Concerto Rondo in D major k.514
Mozart: Concerto No.2 in E flat major k.417
Mozart: Concerto No.3 in E flat major k.447
Mozart: Concerto No.4 in E flat major k.495
Ryan Nowlin:Elegy for Horn and Piano
Rossini: Introduction, Andante et Allegro
Saigons: Questionings.
Saint-Saëns: Morceau de Concert
Stevens: Sonata (1953).
F. Strauss: Theme and Variation
F. Strauss: Nocturne
R. Strauss: Concerto No.1 in E flat major Op.11
R. Strauss: Concerto No.2 in E flat major.
Weber: Concertino in e minor,Op.45


Barat: Andante et Allegro.
Bolter:  Sagittasrius 2.
Blacher: Divertimento for trumpet, trombone, and piano (Craig Hamilton, trumpet).
Bourgeois: Concerto.
Boutry: Capriccio.
Casterede: Sonatine.
Collery: Barcarolle et Chanson Bachique.
B.Croce-Spinelli: Solo de Concours.
Creston: Fantasy,Op.42(1947).
Defay: Deux Danses.
Dutilleux: Chorale, Cadence et Fugato.
Elgar: Chanson de Matin, op. 15, no. 2 arr. Eric Wilson.
Ewazen: Sonata.
Ewazen: Concerto for bass trombone.
Filas: Sonata.
Galliard: Sonata No. 1
Galliard: Sonata No. 2
Gaubert: Morceau Symphonique.
George : Concerto for bass Trombone(1964).
Gershwin : Three Préludes.
Gillingham: Sonata
Goldstein: Colloquy for trombone and band,
Grondahl: Concerto.
Handel: Concerto in f minor
Hindemith: Sonata (1941).
Jacob: Concerto.
Jan Koetsier: Falstaffiade for bass trombone and piano.
Mahler: Three songs from Des Knaben wunderhorn. Des Antonius von Padua Fischpredigt ; Urlicht ; Lob des hohen Verstands
Martin: Ballade (1940).
Malotte: Lord’s Prayer.
McKay: Sonata
Monaco: Sonata No.1
Monaco: Sonata No.2
Mozart: Concerto for Alto Trombone.
Peaslee:  Arrows of time.
Rimsky-Korsakov: Concerto in E flat major (1877).
Saint-Saens: Cavatine Op.144(1915).
Daniel Schnyder : Sonata for bass Trombone and Piano.
Serocki: Sonatina(1954).
Robert Spollman: Two songs for bass trombone and piano.
Daniel Schnyder: Sonata for bass trombone and piano
Stojowski: Fantasy
Stevens: Sonata (1965).
Sulek: Sonata
Tomasi: Concerto (1956).
David.L. Wells : Sonata


Bellstedt: Napoli
Cosma: Euphonium Concerto
Dewhurst: Panache


Albinoni: Concerto in d minor, Op.2, No2
Arutiunian: Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra (1992
Arban: The Carnival of Venice
Arban: Variations on a Tyrolean Folksong.
Charles Booker: Concertino for tuba.
Kent Philip Baker: Sonata in e minor for Tuba and Piano.
Bozza: Concertino.
Bach: Sonata No.2 BWV 1031 ( arr. Cooley)
Craven: Three Movements for Tuba and Piano( 2014).
Micheal Daugherty: Reflections on the Mississippi(2013)
Galliard: Sonata No.1.
Goedicke: Concerto Etude Op.49
Hindemith: Sonata(1955).
Ionel: Rumanian Dance no. 2 (1946)
John Lennon: Blackbird
Mahler: Lieder Eines Fahrenden Gesellen (1897)
Paganini: Moses Variations: Introduction and Variations on a theme by Rossini arr. Philip Sinder,
Plog: Three Miniatures (1990)
Plog:  Tuba Sonata (2006-2007)
Sparke: Song for Ina.
Sparke: Tuba Concerto (2006)).
Chris Steam:Real and Unreal.
Yagisawa:  Love Song (2006)
Vaughan Williams: Concerto(1954).
Rolf Wilhelm: Concertino for Tuba


Paul Creston: Concertino for Marimba,Op.21(1940)
Eric Ewazen: Concerto for marimba (1999).
Toshi Ichiyanagi: Paganini Personal for marimba and piano (1982)